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The National Center on Elder Abuse reported that 44% of nursing home residents have been abused. Even worse, 50% of nursing home staff admitted to mistreating patients.

To protect victims of nursing home neglect and abuse, Illinois lawmakers enacted the Nursing Home Care Act which provides some of the claims attorneys can use to hold nursing homes responsible for the harm they cause their residents. Similarly, the Tennessee Adult Protection Act creates civil action for compensatory and punitive damages when adults covered by the act are victims of abuse or neglect. You and your loved ones have a right to compensation for negligence or abuse at a nursing home or assisted living facility that results in injuries such as bed sores, ulcers, broken bones or death.

At The Vrdolyak Law Group, we represent victims of nursing home abuse or neglect who have suffered from preventable fall downs, untreated ulcers and assault and battery, and more. If you believe you or a loved one has been a victim of such conduct, contact us immediately at (773) 731-3311 (Chicago) or (615) 312-6300 (Nashville).

See the resources below for the National Center on Elder Abuse 2013 study on the Abuse of Nursing Home Residents, Illinois and Tennessee nursing home information, and tools to help you find the best nursing home for your loved one.

Statistics on Elder Abuse & Resources

Medicare's Nursing Home Comparison Tool

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